Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mom Project......

So, this lady across the street was moving and she was tossing stuff left and right out of her house. She said she didn't have room in her van to take it all with her. So I rummaged through her roadside junk and came across several beauties: A perfectly working microwave, 2 tool boxes, a decorative ceiling light fixture, a large black picture frame, and a wicker coffee table. Since it was my mom's birthday May 30th, Jenny and I decided to turn this wicker coffee table into our first little project.

We went to home depot and bought some white and black spray paint. Our plan was to put some fresh coats on this bad boy and give it to my mom for a birthday present. That way she can take it up to the condo in Augusta and find a cozy little nook for it up there.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Raven Run.....strict discipline!

"In 1970 Robert Kraft came back home to South Beach from Nashville and Las Vegas, where he tried to make it as a songwriter. He started running with some boxers from the 5th Street Gym and slowly built up to 8 miles. He made a New Years resolution to run 8 miles a day for one year starting on January 1st, 1975. He found the benefits mentally, physically and spiritually were all positive, so he kept running 8 miles a day on the sands of South Beach....He has ran everyday since. (never missing a day). Over 700 runners ranging in age from 9 to 79, from over 60 different countries and 48 states have completed at least one 8 mile run with him. Everyone who completes the 8 miles gets a nickname and is added to The Raven List. This is a run, not a race although many of the Raven Runners train for races, Raven trains to come back tomorrow. Raven has the longest known world running streak on the sand and in the same location. He has seen every sunset, never been caught in rush hour traffic and turned what was a negative into a positive becoming an inspiration to others."

This dude is CRAZY if you ask me....running 8 miles a day on the beach for over 30 years. From a medical standpoint I would imagine his knees are on the verge of a ligamental breakdown, his feet throb with bunions when he's relaxing, and the joints in his hips and ankles are one sand-dune pothole away from cracking! However, from a military standpoint I think his self-discipline and determination should be the main story line in their next "How-to" guidebook. Personally, I can't even remember to wake up on time for a year......let alone 34 years!

If you think about it realistically, this Raven dude had to of run 8 miles every day for 34 years experiencing some sort of the following: Hurricane weather, Flu-like symptoms, Death in the family, Diarrhea, and not to mention sleep-in tendencies. I have to give props where props are due...the man is a machine!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here's the proof.....

"Me Throw Stuff" - Dodgeball Champs!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dodge This......

Welp,....this past Saturday I can honestly say I had the single most bestest time at a sporting event ever! Me and 5 dudes played in a Dodgeball Tournament put on by Chick-Fil-a at the Atlanta Silverbacks Stadium in the ATL. There were close to 80 teams from all over who were there to try and win the grand prize. The prize was 500 dollars and chick-fil-a value meals for a year. The free food is like diamonds....I mean who doesn't eat there once a week? After we went 6 and 1 in pool play, we climbed our way through the single-elimination bracket to the semi-finals. The semis and the championship game were played on the center court in front of everybody to see. It was a little nerve racking....not to mention my adrenaline had been pumping at full force since the day before! We won the Semi-final game pretty quickly....and now it was on to the Finals. By the way, our team name was "Me Throw Stuff," and we played the championship against "O'Doyle Rules." Our team consisted of Me, Kevin Lamb, Ben Clifton, Andrew Dow, Cole Taylor, and Keith Wages. We were down 4 players to 2 with 1:27 left to go. Somehow our team managed to knock two players out and even the score with less than 30 seconds to go. Unwilling to throw the final balls, both teams held onto to them to force an overtime. Overtime is pretty complicated, so I will save you the legal matters and go straight to the action. Basically, they had a chance to throw at us....they missed......we took our chance to throw at them.....BULLSEYE! Game...Set...Match! We won the tourney and have been feasting on Chick-Fil-A ever since!