Friday, April 16, 2010

Had to go on and do it....

I've always wanted some Cornrows in my hair...if you dont know what they are click here. Like I was saying...I have always wanted them, but never had a reason, the time, or long enough hair for them. Well today everything aligned perfectly!

Reason: Dodgeball tourney tomorrow - click here - chick fila for a year is at stake! We won it last year, so now we gotta defend our title....don't believe me? here - gotta have some cornrows for the tourney!
Time: It's Friday....I'm a school teacher.....I got all the time in the world. Oh, and my wife's at work till late.
Hair: Its longer than it used to be. Because when I hear people yell "get a haircut sunshine"... I know they're serious.
So, I went to the only place I knew that braided hair:
Josette's Unisex Hair Salon

This place was the bomb (do people still say that?) This nice lady, from Haiti, looked at me like I was lost when I walked in, but gladly put my hair in some rows.

After an hour of feeling like someone was slowly twisting off my sideburns, I declare that this is the last thing my enemies will see tomorrow before they get hit in the face with a dodgeball:

On a side note, once my head goes numb I think I'll be ok. Otherwise, these badboys might be comin out pretty soon!

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