Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cover to Cover

I can proudly say that I was able to finish my first real book yesterday. I probably hold the record for starting a book, but fizzling about halfway through. My small group that I belong to keep each other accountable with spending time with the Lord each and every day. So, I decided that this would be the best time to read an actual book. After some advice, I chose the book "from Forgiven to Forgiving." by Jay Adams. This book has helped me understand the concept of biblical forgiveness from beginning to end. It also stirred up things in my relationships that have gone wrong, grudges that I was holding, and many others. However, I believe that the biggest breakthrough that was achieved after reading this book had to do with my wife and I. In the past we would sometimes handle a problem with a simple, "I'm sorry." This is all well and good, but it is totally different than saying, "I'm sorry, I sinned against God and you; will you forgive me?" Just by saying "I'm sorry," only accomplishes one one person feels. That is about as far as it goes.....nothing is asked of the other commitment is made....the matter is not resolved....and the one who was wronged is not required to put the matter to rest. Wow, this was eye-opening to me. Long story short, my wife and I took a vow and promised to never apologize to each other ever again. We will always attempt to seek forgiveness because it forces us to make a commitment with each other. Just by saying "I'm sorry," is an easy way out....God requires more! For what it is worth I wholeheartedly endorse this book. I have two copies if you would like to borrow one...just lemme know, or you can get a used copy really cheap off of amazon. Click Here to buy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hit em with the Okee Doke

Check out these glorious fakes......

Buffalo Bills fake em!

MegaWoosh...german commercial

Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Can't make it tough enough to complain..."

The words "Can't make it tough enough for me to complain," always resonate in the back of mind when I am faced with unfortunate circumstances. My youth pastor, Rick Bene, introduced this slogan to me back when I was in high school. It has always stuck with me throughout the years. When things don't always go the way I want them to....or if my selfish desires begin to show, I try to remember that someone out there has it worse. There is someone out there who isn't able to experience life like me or to have been blessed the way I have. Now, don't get me wrong....I still complain and I still fail to make true sacrifices, but I know that no matter how tough it gets it is never tough enough for me to complain........

I recently watched an episode of Outside the Lines on ESPN. It was a story about a boy who lost his legs in a freak train accident at the age of 11. He decided from that moment on that he did not want to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He knew he had to build up his muscles in order to move around normally. This opened up the perfect opportunity to wrestle.....not to mention a friendship that runs deeper than most.....