Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey...who's out there?

Hey.....I was wondering who all was out there reading my blog. If you read my blog would you mind signing up as a follower over there on the right hand side of this webpage...please! This is merely for curiousity purposes and it motivates me to blog more often....thanks! - But don't feel like you have ain't no thang!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Say Cheese Roll....

Check out the total disregard for human limbs and brain matter! This is an annual contest held in Gloucester, England. This contest dates back many many decades.....and they are seriously chasing a rolling wheel of cheese. Truth be told though,.....I would do this in a heartbeat!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Addition by Subtraction....

By getting rid of some old stuff....and then looking through all my Pops' sheds full of cool antique stuff....this is what we have added to the house so far. Also, we finally splurged and bought a new comforter and bedsheets for the master and guest beds. Check it out.....

bought a new lamp at Bed Bath & Beyond to lighten up the room a TV is almost as old as the antique washstand its sitting on top of
Phew! the most money I will ever spend for something I sleep on....

Antique dresser with a handmade ceramic bowl!
I just had to put this frame up in the house...gotta commemorate the occasion!

Antique bed from an estate sale along with an old coffee table

Picture of an old cottage-style house

below is a cool marble lamp I found in one of the sheds along with another handmade bowl

the Church in the picture below is First Prez of Augusta, where my brother and his family are members. The plane is made out of scrap metal and screws. It all sits on the Antique Secretary's Desk I bought in Monroe

the Guest Bed is covered in a Duvet that I bought at a Yard Sale for 30 Bucks....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tropical Waters?

So, let me try to update you on what's been going on the past few days.....

Well, my wife of almost a month, had me paint the master bedroom this past week. I agreed knowing that I was about to have to take a deep breath when she finally decided on a color. If any of you know her...she is a free spirit, that loves her wild colors and eclectic ensembles! Don't get me wrong though...that is what I love about her....but this time she definitely took my breath away. End Result: Tropical Waters....we also, rearranged the furniture and are still playing around with the exact formation, oh and ignore the bedspread because we are searching for a new one to ignore the bedspread please,but this is what we have done so far....Oh, and by the way I am adding a couple pictures of some beauties I bought at the Antique Mall in Monroe...great deals.



Semi-Finished Bedroom:

Antique Secretary's Dresser Desk:

Antique WashStand (used as our TV stand):

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to Reality.....kinda

So, I just became a husband, gotta wifey, and went on an awesome cruise all in one fatal swoop last week. OK, so fatal swoop probably isn't the best phrase, but you get the idea. Last week Jenny and I got married...she is officially a Medlin now! I can say the word "Officially" with JOY and RELIEF, because we spent many hours at the Social Security office, the Driver's License place, the Probate court, and the Walton County Board of Education on Tuesday. She is stuck with Medlin on the end of her name forever.....sweeeeet! The past few days we have been graciously overwhelmed with gifts from the wedding. Jenny has been tearing through wrapping paper like two fat kid brothers fightin over the leftover cake batter. It has truly been humbling to see the out pour of presents people have given us for our marriage. With that being said, a Garage Sale is upon us all....July 10th and 11th! Be there...everything is going...we seriously got everything we could ever want just from the wedding gifts. Out with the Old...In with the New!