Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two down...

Finished my second book yesterday.....its called "The Treasure Principle," by Randy Alcorn. I'm still not completely sold on the whole "reading" thing, but I have enjoyed the past couple books I have read. Well, the only two books I have read.....sad, I know.
My wife and I have been praying about the tithing and giving aspect of our marriage. We both believe wholeheartedly that God calls us to give and we want to give, but how much has always been the question. The book opened my eyes and my heart to the concept of giving....storing up Treasures in Heaven, not here on earth. I recommend this book to anyone who is confused about giving to the church, tithing, offerings, etc. Not that we have this thing mastered by reading man's word...we don't......the Holy Bible contains all the blueprints you will ever need. However, the contents of this book gave me insight and counsel in an area I so desperately needed.

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