Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gettin my Blog on....

Okay, I know it's been awhile since I have last posted. Call it writer's block, call it a priority adjustment, chalk it up to procrastination, blame it on our new baby....jk, no new baby. Say whatever you wish to say, but I am officially back. I promise (will try my hardest, but not promising anything) to update my blog on a regular basis.

It was hard to decide on what my first blog of the new year should be about....the Braves? Too early. Lady GaGa? Too scary. My marraige? Too mushy. How about random pictures and events from the past? Perfect.

I have been rummaging through various trunks and boxes and briefcases the past few days because we are having a joint garage sale with my parents ( official plug of the event). In these priceless boxes of assorted memories I stumbled upon several eye-opening artifacts:



WAIT! It gets better....inside the agenda I found this....

It reads: "Matt pulled Jason's pants down while we were outside today! He was given a strike!"

Seriously? A strike....c'mon, for that? Everybody pulls everybodys pants down in front of the entire 6th grade while outside at recess. Geeeeez Mrs. Mika! On a side note, my mom was not happy about signing that one....

ITEM # 2

Creepy picture I had to draw for ART class. Well, lemme take that back.....I had to draw a picture for ART class....I took it upon myself to make it creepy.

ITEM # 3

My STAR student award from Kindergarten. All of my classmates commented about our deep and meaningful friendship on the actual award....i'll post some comments below

comment from Charlie: "I like what he is doing in the picture." - thanks Charlie,..back atcha buddy!

comment from Jeremy: "I am sorry he got hit by a car." - how thoughtful Jeremy...I am sorry you got chicken pox when you were 3. I am also sorry you bonked your head on the fireplace that one time.
comment from Andrew F: "I like his basket." - how dare you, Andrew!

comment from Brandon H: "He has pretty eyes." - c'mon buddy....seriously? I'm squinting anyways.

Blogged out - Matt

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Stephanie Cannon said...

Toodles. Sweet dreams. Enjoy dreaming about you know who.